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All of us need to meditate in these times of stress and long hours. Research has shown that as little as ten minutes of daily meditation help in alleviating anxiety and inducing a more peaceful state of the mind. Here we tell you what to do to prepare for a period of meditation.


The goal of meditation is to achieve inner calm and peace through deliberate focus and an attempt to quieten the mind. While the term sometimes elicits images of green meadows and shady trees, it may come as a surprise to many that one can meditate at any place at any time. However, there are a few steps that we can take in order to make sure that our mind looks inward with enough depth to achieve a tranquil state.

Here are a few of those steps.

1. Choose someplace quiet

A place that is quiet will help you achieve the state of silence more quickly. Remember that this doesn’t have to be a naturally quiet place, like the top of a mountain or a riverbank. It can just as easily be your own room with the door locked, and all your electronic devices shut off. Also remember that the silence doesn’t have to be absolute. For instance, the neighbour’s lawnmower or a dog barking should not distract you from your meditation. Think of silence in this context as a state where you eliminate things that call for your specific attention.

2. Decide how long you wish to meditate

Setting aside a time for meditation is important, because then you will carve out a window from your schedule for the activity. While the recommended time is twenty minutes per day, beginners can start with as little as five minutes per day. If you stay consistent with it, the five-minute periods add up over a long time, and before you know it you will be more peaceful and calmer. Set an alarm for the end of your meditation period, and don’t check your watch once every few seconds.

3. Wear comfortable clothes

Since meditation is all about letting the mind rest, it can be difficult to achieve if your body is uncomfortable due to tight and prickly clothes. Wear the right kind of clothes for your meditation space and weather. If the place is cold, wear warm clothing and if the place is hot, wear something that absorbs your sweat. If you’re meditating in your place of work, changing into a different gear may not be possible, so just loosen up by removing your shoes and loosening your tie.

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