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We’ve all heard the saying, Good night, Sleep tight. But many of us struggle with sleep. We toss and turn. We try burrowing under the pillow. We count sheep. We try different positions. Nothing works. And we turn up bleary-eyed to work the next morning. If this is you, try out these seven tips to make you sleep better.

1. Have a shower right before bed
Nothing relaxes your body more than a nice, clean, warm scrub. Get it into the mood of being fresh and pampered so that when you close your eyes, it’s lights out almost immediately.

2. Read books you’ve already read
If you’re a bookworm and you need to read before bed, make sure that in the last ten minutes or so, you curl up with a book you’ve read before. There will be no excitement or emotional involvement, so your eyes will get bored and heavy soon enough.

3. Don’t sleep during the day
Oh, don’t we all know how tempting it is to catch a bit of sleep right after lunch? This is especially true for freelancers who work from home. Resist the temptation, and if you must have it, don’t go over twenty minutes. Get back to work.

4. Don’t have alcohol or coffee before bed.
These are called stimulants for a reason: they stimulate you. They don’t put you to sleep. Try snacking on carbohydrates, dairy products (milk is good, so is yoghurt), or protein. It will boost serotonin production, which will lull you into a sleep.

5. Don’t exercise in the few hours before bed
Exercise inhibits the production of melatonin and pumps out adrenalin. This keeps you awake. Schedule exercise for the mornings if possible to keep energy levels high through the day.

6. Use softer lights after dinner
This will make the room darker, and send signals to your body to get ready for sleep. It will encourage your body to produce melatonin. It will have the added effect of being romantic.

7. Find your perfect pillow
No matter what you believe, there is a pillow out there, created just for you. Look for it, and find it. Hard or soft? Cotton or feathers? Fluffy or thin? No matter what your requirements, there are pillows out there that match them. If you find your pillow match, you will never spend a sleepless night again.
A good sleep is important for a variety of reasons. Not only will it reduce your stress levels, but it will infuse your waking hours with energy, happiness and zest. So do whatever it takes to make sure that you get your daily eight hours of rest. Your body will reward you for it.

Harshit Sinha

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