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Australia Post to give two-hour delivery estimate

 Australia Post to give two-hour delivery estimate

Australia Post intends to provide a two-hour estimate of your parcel’s arrival. The postal service recently announced a plan that it would spend $20 million overhauling its systems to “cloud-based solutions throughout the following year to further develop package tracking and scanning” across the postal network.

This progression is only a negligible portion of a bigger, $440 million venture that supports newer logistic companies in Australia. Thus, Australia Post can monitor and expand its assistance demands to a wider range of people.

Parcel deliveries expanded by 27% in the 2020-21 financial year, with 52 million packages conveyed in December 2020 alone. The cloud-based data event management platform intends to do all the scans as the packages move through the postal organisation. As per the chief information officer of Australia Post “Munro Farmer”, the platform will assist with providing the information of exact tracking data, bringing it closer to real-time.

The platform, which was first revealed as being facilitated on Google Cloud in July, will be utilised to capture all of the scans as a parcel travels through the postal network. Since the introduction of the optimiser software, more than 2.5 million notifications have been sent, and 96% of sent packages are continually being conveyed within the two-hour time window.

One way the government-owned corporation is doing this is by utilising a new course of optimising and segmenting technology to calculate the arrival time of parcels down to a two-hour window. As per the yearly report of 2021, the optimiser, which was first tested in October 2020– calculates the route as packages are checked so a driver can deliver them more efficiently. The introduction of the software permitted Australia Post to give clients a two-hour delivery window for the first time.

Nivedita Nagpal

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