Australian PM Tony Abbott’s interview with Lally Weymouth


Sharath Komarraju

In a recent interview of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott by Washington Post’s Lally Weymouth over phone, Abbott straightaway voiced his personal opinions regarding Labour government which preceded him. When asked to comment about his aspirations for the relationship of US-Australia, Abbott showed his keenness to work in close proximity with the government of United States. He furthermore added that Australian government was keen to develop a strong strategic and economic rapport with the government of US.
Towards the middle of the interview, Weymouth asked Tony Abbott regarding the deployment of Marines from US at Darwin to which, Abbott responded with positivity by emphasizing on the fact that the previous government’s decisions are to be respected and henceforth, Australia will continue to aid in the deployment process of US Marines.
Tony Abbott expressed his desire to visit United States of America and meet President Barack Obama, who he says, always remains busy and will certainly meet him soon. Abbott gave small nuances of his conversation with Barack Obama after he called him after the elections. Most probably, Abbott will be visiting United States of America either towards the end of this year or probably next year.
Weymouth escalated the pressure when he asked Abbott about Australia’s commercial alliance with China and whether it will have an adverse effect on the political structure of both the countries or not to which Abbott replied smartly by saying that Australia desires to have closest promising strategic relations with both of the superpowers.

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