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Made in India Magazine | October 21, 2021

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Australians Can Now Get Vaccine Passports for Overseas Travel

Australians Can Now Get Vaccine Passports for Overseas Travel

| On 25, Sep 2021

Australians can obtain the International vaccine passports as a piece of evidence for their immunisation status prior to the commencement of travelling abroad.

It was gathered that the federal government in Australia are now getting ready for the commencement of overseas travel. Therefore, Australian citizens can soon begin to use their international vaccine passports. Travellers can now get the COVID-19 vaccination certificates in printed form or on their mobile phones.

Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister, has recommended the resumption of overseas travel under the reopening plan of the nation and by the time states attain 80% vaccination target.

As of today, the fully vaccinated Australian population who are more than 16years of age stands at 46 per cent.

However, it is mandatory for people entering Australia to quarantine in a hotel for two weeks, irrespective of the status of their vaccination.

It was gathered from Dan Tehan, the Tourism Minister, that the government is working through the final stages of the vaccine passport technology. 

He stressed further that the tourism ministry and the government are in the planning process of having a system set up and ready in the following weeks.

Australians Can Now Get Vaccine Passports for Overseas Travel

This, he opined, would facilitate both the incoming and outgoing international travel for the Australians when the vaccination target eventually hits 80%.

The Tourism Minister said that by that time, the people of Australia could travel abroad again and come back without hiccups.

In South Australia, there is a home quarantine system already put in place to allow residents coming back from Victoria and NSW to quarantine at their respective homes.

It was pointed out by Scott Morrison that the move from hotel quarantine to house quarantine will be central and essential for the return of international travellers.

The NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, said that considerations are in the pipeline for what quarantine will look like for the inbound travellers once the vaccine thresholds are reached.

Once the 80% double dose target is reached, the authorities are expected to open the Sydney Airport to welcome the Australians back home.

From all indications, introducing the vaccine passports will enable Australians to establish the status of their vaccination globally as travel starts again.

Different rules are already adopted for the unvaccinated and vaccinated international arrivals into the United States.

Those that have had vaccines approved by the WHO can self-monitor for COVID-19 signs and get tested for 3 to 5 days after arriving.

Nevertheless, the unvaccinated are mandated to self-quarantine for seven days after their arrival.

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Australians Can Now Get Vaccine Passports for Overseas Travel
Australians Can Now Get Vaccine Passports for Overseas Travel

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