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The Apple of India’s Eye: How Long Will the Coolness Factor Last?

Apple has long been the epitome of ‘cool’ in the tech world, with its sleek designs, innovative features, and premium branding. In India, the aspirational middle class has been driving Apple’s growth, but how sustainable is this trend? Interestingly, insights from China, where Apple’s chief rival Samsung has experienced a mix of triumphs and challenges,...Read More

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The Scale of Fairness: Why Equity Trumps Property and Gold as an Investment

Investing is not just about growing your wealth; it’s also about engaging in a system that is transparent, equitable, and offers a level playing field. As investors, the questions we must ask are: how transparent is the process of participating in this investment? And who dominates the market and sets the rules? When evaluated against...Read More

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Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme For Skilled Migrants

The Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) is a permanent residence visa that enables Australian employers to sponsor skilled migrant workers to take up employment in positions where there are skills shortages. Usually, the employer has to prove their inability to fill the positions locally. The workers can be from abroad or residents living and working...Read More