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Moonstruck: The Fascination and Futility of Owning Lunar Land for Indians

In recent years, a curious trend has emerged among some Indians—a fascination with buying plots of land on the moon. Despite the impossibility of ever setting foot on their lunar estates, thanks to international space laws, people are still making these purchases. Whether it’s a romantic gesture or simply a whimsical investment, the allure of...Read More

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India’s Cinematic Influence Beyond Bollywood in Australian Cinemas

Embracing Diversity: The Influx of Indian Cinema in Australian Theatres Australia’s cinematic landscape is undergoing a transformative journey with the increasing presence of Indian films that go beyond the realms of Bollywood. This article explores the diverse cinematic offerings from India captivating Australian audiences, highlighting the richness and variety that extends beyond the conventional Bollywood...Read More

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The Attainable Quest for Serenity in a Frantic World

In an age characterised by unending to-do lists, digital distractions, and the ceaseless chase for success, the concept of serenity seems almost fantastical-akin to a fairy-tale ending where everyone lives ‘happily ever after’. However, despite the clamour of modern life, the pursuit of serenity is not only attainable but essential for holistic well-being. It’s about...Read More


Trendy and elegant ways to style sarees

What comes to your mind when someone asks you about fashion in Indian fashion? I would not expect a stereotypical answer: men wear only dhotis, whereas women can be seen garbed only in long tunics and sarees. Besides, the world is more interconnected today than it ever was. Hence, despite not having travelled to any...Read More

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Top Destinations To Go To In 2022 With Friends And Family

The year 2021 was a rollercoaster ride for many reasons, the first being the second wave of Covid-19 that led to the re-imposition of restrictions. Consequently, the ban on international and inter-state travel also proved equally vexing. As a result, people faced problems whenever they planned to go on trips to reach distant loved ones...Read More

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Should Beauty Pageants Be Banned

Beautiful young women walk down the stage wearing stunning dresses, posing effortlessly for the cameras while a panel of judges critique them. Sounds familiar? Well, of course, it does; beauty pageants have been around for many decades – competitions where young girls belonging from different parts of the world are pitted against each other. There...Read More