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Divya Singh

Astrology Zone Science

Astrology: A Science or a Hoax? Dueling Perspectives in the Age of Skepticism

The debate over astrology’s validity as a science has been a contentious one, rekindled recently by the Indira Gandhi National Open University’s (IGNOU) decision to offer a course in Jyotish Shashtra. To shed light on this enduring controversy, we’ve invited two experts – Dr. Emily Thompson, a distinguished astronomer, and Ms. Anita Kapoor, a celebrated...Read More

Health & Fitness Women

Heart Health and Womanhood: What Top Doctors Have To Say On Sushmita Sen’s Massive Heart Attack

When news broke about Sushmita Sen, the iconic Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe, experiencing a heart attack, it sent shockwaves across her global fan base. Sen, who has always been a symbol of grace, strength, and empowerment, suddenly became the face of a medical issue that many consider mainly a ‘man’s problem.’ The event...Read More

Beauty Health & Fitness

The Fountain of Youth in a Clinic: Cutting-Edge Strategies Doctors Are Employing to Turn Back the Clock

The quest for eternal youth is as old as time itself, but in recent years, medical professionals have made significant strides in making the fantasy a reality – or at least, a believable illusion. Gone are the days of overtly ‘plastic’ results; today’s anti-aging treatments are about natural rejuvenation, reflecting a holistic approach to beauty...Read More

Australia Arts & Culture Indians in Australia Life & Style

Breaking Stereotypes: Australian-Indian Women Making Their Mark in Traditionally Male-Dominated Fields

In the diverse cultural landscape of Australia, Australian Indian women are emerging as powerful voices and formidable leaders in fields that have historically been male-dominated. Their success stories are not only breaking stereotypes but also redefining norms and inspiring future generations.This article explores how Australian Indian women are making their mark and challenging the statusquo....Read More

Indians in Australia Australia

From Historical Bias to Present-day Challenges: The Unspoken Reality of Racism Against Indian-Australians

Australia’s multicultural fabric has been a defining feature of the nation, providing a rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and beliefs. However, the experience of Indian-Australians has been fraught with challenges and complexities, often feeling singled out and subjected to racism. Historical Context The experiences of Indian-Australians must be understood within a historical context. Early Indian...Read More

Health & Fitness Handpicked Parenting

When the Whole Family’s Hooked: Navigating the Mobile Maze with No Easy Fixes

In a world where screen time is often considered ‘me time’, the age-old dichotomy of children versus parents takes an interesting turn. The kids may be glued to their phones, but let’s not forget: so are the mamas and papas. Navigating this mobile maze is a complex task, laden with contradiction, convenience, and concern. The...Read More

Recipe Food

Cake Recipes with a Desi Twist

Christmas, New Year and other festivities might be over, but that does not necessarily mean you can’t have delicacies once in a while. Moreover, we always look for ways to indulge in food that soothes our souls and appetite; for instance, cakes and pastries are some of the most delightful food items that satiate our...Read More