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Navigating Dual Identities – The Experiences of 2nd Generation Australian-Indians

In the mosaic of cultures that define Australia’s demographic landscape, the experiences of second-generation Australian – Indians provide a compelling narrative of blending, coexisting, and sometimes, conflicting identities. Born to Indian parents and raised in Australia, these individuals often find themselves at the crossroads of two rich, yet distinct cultural paradigms. Growing up with the...Read More

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The New Visa rule will let Indian Students earn an income while pursuing their studies.

In the last week of May 2023, India and Australia signed a partnership pact on migration and mobility, which will help to open up better opportunities for business people, academic researchers and students. According to this scheme, Indian graduates of Australian tertiary institutions holding a student visa are eligible to apply for work in Australia....Read More

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7 bizarre festivals that you may not know about

One of the distinguishing characteristics of India is the festivals that people celebrate across the country throughout the year. Also, due to the diverse communities, religions, and customs, different states have varied festivities. However, a few are unusual and lesser-known; some have their origin at least a century back, while others are a decade old....Read More