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The Mirage of Falling Rates – Why Australian Mortgage Holders May Be Heading for a Financial Drought

In an economic climate riddled with uncertainties, the prospect of falling interest rates offered a glimmer of hope to mortgage holders across Australia. That glimmer, however, may have been a mirage. Recent economic indicators and policy decisions have dashed hopes of declining rates, leaving mortgage holders to navigate a potential financial storm. The dire forecast...Read More

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Investigative reports show dangerous practices of Sydney Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Dr Daniel Lanzer touted to be Australia’s most prominent celebrity cosmetic surgeon, has received a lot of flak after a recent exposé. After a joint investigation by Four Corners, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, his medical practice was brought into question. In addition, a slew of videos, photos and messages reveal instances of...Read More



The last year has cast the importance of having a robustly strong breathing ability, given the dangers of Covid-19. Breathing exercises help combat the effects of a Covid infection and benefit before, during, and after a positive diagnosis. Therefore, ways to strengthen your breathing are always beneficial. Here are just a few to consider: 1....Read More

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After three days of no cases of community-spread COVID-19, restrictions on weddings and school sports activities are set to be eased

Social Distancing – a phrase new to many people at the start of the year is now a very familiar one in the vocabulary of everyone across Australia; with governments around the world imposing restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The battle against the virus rages on, but the restrictions are beginning...Read More

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What could Stage 5 restrictions mean for Melbourne?

Stage 4 restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria were announced on August 2, bringing with it even stricter rules than the previous strategy. Citizens are now prohibited from travelling outside an area of 5km radius from their home and restricted to one hour of physical exercise. There is also an 8 pm curfew across...Read More



Can you imagine a life without money? Yes, it is possible. Human beings have not always had money to transact business. Barter – of both tangible and intangible goods – was prevalent in societies all over the world before civilizations started to mint coins and use them as the medium of exchange. Is a return...Read More