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The Silent Thief: How Delhi’s Toxic Air Robs You of a Dozen Years

The sprawling metropolis of Delhi, India’s capital, is as famous for its rich history and vibrant culture as it is notorious for its air quality—or the lack thereof. The term “air pollution” in Delhi has transformed from an environmental concern into a life-threatening crisis, with a real, quantifiable impact: an estimated loss of 12 years...Read More

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Two Brothers Establish the Australian Indian Orchestra

Last year, Sydney-based brothers Sagar and Suraj Nagaraj were involved in a string orchestra, performing works by great composers such as Tchaikovsky and Mahler. But what caught their audience’s attention were Suraj’s orchestral arrangements of music from Bollywood films. The audience’s love for this blend of music was a revelation for the brothers. As Sagar...Read More

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Australia’s inadequate Refugee system is in the spotlight

Australia is a popular travel destination. Many people call it a paradise. Thus, Australian permanent resident visa is in high demand globally. It is associated with high employment chances, an elavated standard of living, decent quality of life, and infrastructure. Over 500,000 refugees live in Australia, and many have benefited the society. World Refugee Day...Read More

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Australia to open ‘’Backpacker Visa’’ to Indians to work and holiday

On 2nd April 2022, India and Australia signed a Free Trade Agreement after decades of re-negotiations. Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Australia-Indian Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (AI ECTA) would help strengthen the relationship between both counties. He pointed out that the agreement has been on a robust security partnership and the joined...Read More

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Australia pledges over $11 million for Indian students under a new initiative

The Australian government has announced a series of initiatives to boost education communities and cultural ties with India. The initiative includes an $11 million scholarships program to extend appropriate support for Indian students to study at various Australian universities over four years. Under the Maitri grants and fellowships program for professionals, the government will offer...Read More

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When will Covid-19 Pandemic end

Ever since the news of the new variant of Covid-19 broke out, there has been widespread concern for global health. Omicron cases were first discovered in South Africa in November last year, following which the instances of the new variant continued to grow across several countries. Scientists led research and reports that revealed that the...Read More

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Some of the best places to celebrate New Years’ Eve in Sydney

Last year New Years’ Eve Celebration was low key; many people could not spend it with close ones, while others chose not to celebrate being under lockdown. Fortunately, restrictions have been lifted in most parts of the country this time around. As a result, it is allowed to gather in small groups to maintain safety...Read More