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Narendra Modi’S New Opponent: The Onion

After winning the Prime Minister’s post of the world’s largest democracy by upstaging ruthless veteran Congress politicians, Narendra Modi must now go to battle against the humble onion. In India, the common man measures food inflation by how much onions cost, because it is the one vegetable that the country cannot cook without. So to...Read More

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Don’t let your belly Bloat

If you think this is just another how-not-to-get-fat articles, you’re wrong. Belly bloat is not the same as belly fat. Remember the feeling that you get when you get after a couple of extra beers or after feasting at a friend’s wedding, when you stomach is just crying out loud to explode? That stretched, full...Read More

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Captivating Kasauli

A small cantonment town nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas at a height of over 1800 meters; Kasauli has retained its old world charm and is a discerning traveller’s choice over other exploited hill station destinations. Part of its charm can be contributed to its miniscule size while the other significant part remains its...Read More


How to make Roasted Pumpkin Hummus

Method : Now, let us look at how to mix these ingredients tighter for making the Roast pumpkin hummus recipe dish. First off, preheat your oven at a temperature of 180 degree Celsius Now, put cloves, coriander seeds, funnel seeds, seeds, cinnamon, fenugreek seeds,cumin seeds, and mustard seeds in a medium-size non-sick pain for roasting. Keep...Read More


Goa – Colourful City, Many Flavours

Introduction: The era of hippie parties is over; yet Goa manages to hang on to its colonial charm. It’s the spirit of the city and a laid-back atmosphere, other than the Portuguese architecture that differentiates the city from the rest of the Indian subcontinent. MedhaShri takes a trip down the majestic lanes. The very mention...Read More