Holi Festival Australia

Sneha Smriti


Famous Producing Famous Offspring!

It’s said that life is difficult if you’re a celebrity. The constant media attention, popularity and intruding paparazzi are a lifelong struggle to contend with. It becomes even more difficult if your better half is also of a similar background.  A celebrity can steal the show each time they step out of the house, even...Read More

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Slumside India

At the break of dawn when most of us are trying hard to get out of bed and start a day of work at our comfortable offices, Rajesh and his wife with their two little kids are figuring out how to dismantle their home before the cops arrive with their bulldozers to smash everything away....Read More

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Chand Baori

India is full of surprising places and beautiful structures built by ancient kings and emperors. One of the most stunning examples of magnificent architecture can be seen in Rajasthan where a step-well known as Chand Baori doesn’t fail to captivate onlookers. This step well that descends about a hundred feet from ground level is the...Read More


The Auckland Travel Dictionary

If you are looking for variety in your next vacation, plan a visit to the largest city of New Zealand – Auckland!With abundant natural beauty and manmade attractions, the city will leave you no time to think what to do next. Each part of the city whether it be the north, east, west or south...Read More