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Closed Borders Costing Billions of Dollars

Recently the Australian Prime Minister confirmed vaccinated Australian residents will be able to book a holiday overseas in November on the provision their state reaches the 80% double vaccination rate. Unfortunately, the reciprocal overseas holidaymakers will not be able to enter Australia until next year. After Australians are allowed to return home over the coming...Read More

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Journalist Sues SBS For Harassment & Bullying

Australia’s public Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is a hybrid-funded broadcaster with approximately 80% of its funding derived from the government. Popular among the Indian diaspora community, it provides multicultural coverage across Australian states. It comes as a surprise that the diverse publicly funded broadcaster has come under repeated scrutiny for workplace bullying and more. Pallavi...Read More

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Where You Should Take Your Next Trip According to Your Favourite Bollywood Character

With Bollywood stars and the characters they play becoming ingrained into our lifestyle and culture, we often find ourselves wondering what our favourites would do in our situation. With this in mind, why not plan your next holiday destination around where Bollywood characters would travel? Aisha from Aisha – Milan and Tokyo This movie’s title...Read More

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Boy hero who saved his little sister from a dog attack celebrates the Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan

At only six years old, Bridger Walker from Wyoming showed courage beyond measure for his age. Stepping between his little sister and a vicious German Shepherd, he saved her from a potentially lethal attack. The dog attacked him instead, and he received such severe facial injuries that he was hospitalised with 90 stitches. When asked...Read More