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Captivating Kasauli

 Captivating Kasauli

A small cantonment town nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas at a height of over 1800 meters; Kasauli has retained its old world charm and is a discerning traveller’s choice over other exploited hill station destinations. Part of its charm can be contributed to its miniscule size while the other significant part remains its old world charm coupled with cleanliness. The locals call this place ‘Kas’.
Kasauli, with its eco-friendliness, qualifies as the perfect destination for a responsible traveller. The large trees and bushes that line the streets of Kasauli make it an unmistakably green location. And the most ecological way to travel in such a green location is to walk. No irony there! Kasauli is really small enough to be negotiated by foot. And while walking around town the obvious hangover of the British Raj becomes evident.
The quaint cobbled streets, the gabled houses, the smokestacks and well-manicured lawns are all reminiscent of a colonial period. It is easy to spot little things such as a bright red letter box that’s been there from the days of the Raj. These little things make Kasauli all the more special. And if you happen to have a Sunday in your holiday, attend the morning Mass in one of the churches across town. The Christ Church is the oldest and grandest in the region. A sense of spirituality is best awakened in communion with nature.
Spirituality abounds in this little town not just in churches. It is everywhere. In fact the most popular tourist attraction of Kasauli happens to be the Monkey Point – a hillock with a small temple dedicated to the Lord Hanuman. The peak also offers panoramic views of Chandigarh and the river Sutlej.
The typically colonial buildings and institutions may continuously evoke memories of an era gone by but it is effort of the great Indian Institution – The Army that makes Kasauli truly glorious.
Ranging from 5 Star to budget hotels, there is no dearth of accommodation in Kasauli. The best part about Kasauli is that despite of mushrooming hotels, it remains extremely green and intensely lovely. And a whole community of like-minded people that call Kasauli their home is to be credited for this.
From lovers’ lane to buzzing bazaars, Kasauli offers visitors an irresistible blend of the past and present.  Quaint little shops in Market bazaar display products of artisans from the foothills of the Himalayas. There are all kinds of shops in the market – starting from souvenirs to Himachali shawls to antiques. Kasauli also boasts of another prestigious institution – The Central Research institute (formerly known as Pasteur Institute of India) that has carried on the antirabic treatment for forty years.
Like every other hill station, Kasauli has its star attraction too. Though it may sound mundane at first, the sheer majesty of the sunset in Kasauli is certainly not to be missed. Unless you experience it, you will not know why locals and tourists alike, gather just in time to watch the phenomenon that occurs every single day.
And if that doesn’t seem good enough, take a peek at the other star attraction nearby. The 25 million year old rock fossil of a palm tree found at Jagjitnagar near Kasauli in 2008, is the first of its kind in the history of the Himalayas.
Popularly known as the birth place of Ruskin Bond and a favourite retreat of Khushwant Singh, this picture postcard destination is sure to match your expectations.

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