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Made in India Magazine | September 20, 2021

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Editorial updates - MadeinIndia


January 31, 2015 |

There is simply too much sadness in the world these days, isn’t it? Death, war and economic instability have become our constant companions. We seem to be frowning more and more with each passing day, forgetting perhaps that we have … Read More

Swearing In The Name Of God

May 30, 2014 |

Wherever in the world you live, if you’re Indian by descent, you probably know that the biggest democratic election in the world has come to an end recently in India, and just the other day the new Prime Minister, Narendra … Read More

Nicholas Coke – The Boy Born Without Brain

August 15, 2013 | 1

When Sheena Coke delivered a baby on December 18, 2008 in Pueblo, Colorado, she was overjoyed. Unfortunately her newly born son Nicholas Coke was an uncommon baby. He was born with a birth defect known as anencephaly which means baby … Read More

Dependence or Independence!

August 14, 2013 |

Last year, my maternal grandfather died at the age of ninety-one. He saw Gandhi in the flesh when he was a teenager. He lived through the times of ‘Inquilaab’ and ‘Hey Ram’. He followed the Dandi march live on radio. … Read More

Is it ‘The End’ or ‘The Beginning’?

July 13, 2013 |

A new research found that death is pleasant and inspiring experience.

We all have our own different versions of what happens after death. Some people believe in the whole ‘going to hell or heaven’ concept while others simply ridicule such … Read More

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