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Made in India Magazine | May 15, 2021

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Relationship Advice for Men & Women - Made in India Magazine

Is Marrying a Friend a Good Idea?

January 19, 2015 |

It is believed that married people lead a healthier as well as happier life as compared to those who haven’t tied the knot as of yet. This notion was just a hypothesis, but recently a group of researchers found evidences … Read More


January 16, 2015 |

‘Money is the number one cause of discord in most romantic relationships. Stay ahead of the curve by following our recommended money habits that will save you and your spouse a lot of heartache.’

Money. That one word rules our … Read More


January 16, 2015 |

‘Scientists in China have found a genetic link for whether or not a person is in a romantic relationship. It seems that Serotonin has a big say in our love lives. Read on to find out more.’

For many of … Read More

9 Things Women Wish Men Understood

January 5, 2015 |

Men and women are so different that sometimes I wonder whether they are from the same species or not. Most men perceive women as mysterious creatures. They constantly try to decode what we are saying, what actually we meant by … Read More


November 13, 2014 |

 It’s so hard to find true love these days. And to add to the confusion, there is the pragmatic, stern side that should be taken care of as well, to balance the head-over-heels feeling that comes from love’s first kiss. … Read More

Charlie Sheen annoyed by media calling his future wife a porn star

March 1, 2014 |

Apparently, Charlie Sheen has lashed out at the media for calling his future wife-to-be Brett Rossi, a porn star. The popular as well as controversial actor has condemned the media lately and is absolutely freaked out since Rossi used to … Read More

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