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Gold mine found in woman’s knee!

 Gold mine found in woman’s knee!

In a bizarre turn of events, hundreds of golden needles were found in the knees of a 65-year-old South Korean woman who suffers from a medical condition known as osteoarthritis.
In osteoarthritis, a person experiences degradation of cartilage and bones resulting in acute pain and stiffness. In order to get rid of this pain, the woman first tried pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs to alleviate the pain but to no avail. Finally, she turned to a more traditional treatment of known as Acupuncture which involves targeting and stimulating areas of pain with the help of acupuncture needles.
That is where things got a little weird. Rather than treating the woman then and there, the practitioner left needles, presumably made of gold, in her knees to help continuous stimulation reports New England Journal of Medicine.
However, according to Dr. Ali Guermazi, a professor of radiology at Boston University says, “The human body wants to get rid of the foreign object. It starts with some mechanism of defence, for example inflammation and forming [fibrous tissue] around the object which can later on turn into a much serious condition such as abscesses or infection.”

Ankit Gupta

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