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Hygiene Tips From Celebrities

 Hygiene Tips From Celebrities

We’ve often heard of the saying ‘Health is Wealth’, but if some well-known celebrities are to be believed, the statement ‘Wealth is Health’ could be very wrong indeed. So while we bring these tips from the glitzy world of Hollywood, we warn you to think at least twice before adopting them into your lives.
Jessica Simpson
Brushing your teeth makes them slippery, thinks Jess, so she’d rather use her shirt to clean them four times a week and use a brush and paste only on three days. Oh yes, once in a while she uses Listerine too. We think that teeth become slippery after they’re brushed because they’ve been cleaned, and we think that’s rather the point of brushing. But then, what do we know?
Robert Pattinson
He may have sparkled his way into Twilight fans’ hearts, but if you ask him the secret for his beautiful hair, the answer may just shock you: he just doesn’t wash it for weeks on end. He takes a similarly cavalier attitude to cleaning his apartment, apparently, because he’s known to have said in his typical articulate fashion: ‘It’s like, I don’t clean my apartment because I don’t care.’ Even crew members on the set of the Twilight films have reported that Rob could be smelled from a mile away, and not in a good way. Thank God the movie screen doesn’t transmit smell.
Cameron Diaz
There’s something about Cameron. Her cavalier attitude to wearing deodorants, her clear stance on women’s pubic hair, her constant appearances in sweat pants and stained clothes – all of these suggest that she’s not bought into the whole cleanliness and hygiene concept. But do we care? Why would we when she looks like that?
Julia Roberts
This may come as surprising from the leading lady of movies such as Pretty Woman and Notting Hill, but Julia Roberts is not the first in line when it comes to showering or shaving, if reports are to be believed. She loves to conserve water, by the looks of it, and according to one of her former bodyguards, ‘she smells like a total hippie.’ Now we’ve not seen enough hippies in our lives to know what that means exactly, but we’re guessing it wasn’t a compliment. Don’t be surprised the next time you drop in on Julia (yeah, right!) you find her legs unshaven and her hair frizzy.
Anderson Cooper
Here’s a pro-tip: if you want to wash your jeans, just walk into the shower and soap it up from the outside. That way you have your shower and your jeans get cleaned at the same time, not to mention you did not have to go to the effort of taking off your pants and putting them into the washing machine. If you’re wondering if we’ve gone wonky, we’re going to point you right to Anderson Cooper, who gave us this valuable advice. He has confessed to wearing the same clothes for months on end and not bothering to wash them. So go ahead, try it. Maybe it’s one of his success mantras. Who knows?
 Britney Spears
Any list of this sort is simply incomplete without Britney Spears, the original bad teenage girl. According to housekeeper and bodyguard reports, Britney leaves half-eaten food under the bed, doesn’t bother to shower for days on end, picks her nose, breaks wind without a care in the world (the Australian word for that is ‘fart’), and doesn’t bother to brush her teeth or hair or wear deodorant. This behavior would leave us gobsmacked, but since it’s Britney, we’re not that surprised.
As we said, do exercise caution in taking these tips to heart. What surprises us most, though, is how many housekeepers and bodyguards of these celebrities have come out to tell us about their hygiene habits. Maybe the biggest decision you should take is that when you become rich and famous, be very, very careful in employing house help.
Or you could do the other thing and be clean in your habits.

Sharath Komarraju

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