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Indian Slum Student Wins $60,000 Scholarship

 Indian Slum Student Wins $60,000 Scholarship

The Asha Community Health and Development Society (ASHA) is an Indian charitable organisation that works alongside residents of communities within Delhi. The charity collaborates with the University of Sydney to identify candidates who may be eligible for a life-changing scholarship worth up to $60,000. This year Tushar Joshi, 22, who lives in the slum area of Mayapuri within western Delhi, has won the prestigious ‘Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarship’, which has provided him with the opportunity to begin a Master of International Relations degree from his home.

Tushar is unable to travel to Australia due to current Covid-19 travel restrictions, but that has not stopped him from attending classes online. He shares a one-room home with his sister and parents; however, this has not stopped him from studying in a dimly lit corner by night. Just outside of Tushar’s home is one of Delhi’s largest open drains. This makes things even more difficult as his study area is always infested with flies and mosquitoes. Also, there is a lot of noise due to the proximity to a busy railway; however, with his stipend, he plans to pay to attend a local reading hall. 

The University of Sydney set up the India Equity Scholarship for residents of Delhi just like Tushar and covers for a living allowance, books, and postgraduate tuition fees. To help him further, they paid for a laptop and high-speed internet. When appropriate, they will also provide him with flights, health insurance and residence. Therefore, providing Tushar with a chance to improve his future and his family’s.

Gerard Guanzon

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