Do men and women dream differently?

 Do men and women dream differently?

A whole lot of differences have been analyzed by researchers on the way a man’s mind dreams in reference to a woman. A woman’s mind always has an outpour ofMen-and-Women-Dream-Differentlyemotions and the same accompanies them even in their dreams. Our dreams are basically an insight of our heart, mind and body. A person’s dreams are overflowing with their desires, hopes, anxiety and fears all depending on their individual circumstances.
However, according to some interesting results of studies; it has been found that a man and a woman traverse almost a completely opposite nocturnal path while they are in their dreams. Perhaps, a woman has the capability of dreaming about the emotional aspects of life and the balance between work and family while contrary to this, a man takes a more aggressive root in his dreams. Most often men are found dreaming about amazing sex or make out with their partners or are even capable of dreaming about work, cars, wars, stresses and games. The study also reported that a woman can easily recall, share and talk about her dream compared to a man. Likewise, a woman is even capable of having dreams about failed relationships, broken friendships or harassment at workplace which they at times term as a “nightmare”.
Even if men and women dream of work at night yet both of them have a different perspective in their dreams. A man is more concerned in minting more money at offices so that he can enjoy a lavish lifestyle while a woman’s dream are once again a blend of emotions and work where she dreams about the challenges of balancing her kids and her office life.

Priyam Chatterjee

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