Posture pain – Prevention and natural cure

 Posture pain – Prevention and natural cure

A good posture is a boon. It could make you look attractive and active. A bad posture makes you look lethargic and unattractive. Ones posture should be corrected during ones adolescence or teenage days. Once the bones get formed, correcting the posture becomes difficult.

 How to prevent pain arising from posture problems:

 Talking on phone posture: While conversing on the phone, one tends to tilt ones head to a side and hold the cell between shoulder and head. This could lead to pain in the shoulders and neck. One must avoid this and hold the phone with your hands, your neck and head erect and at a right angle to each other.

  • Sitting at the computer or laptop posture: Sitting at the computer for long period of time could give you severe pain in the neck, shoulders and back. One could take a break between working at the computer and stretch the neck and back. Sit erect and do not lean over too much. For this one needs to have a table top at the right height.
  • Luggage handling posture: Take care not to injure your back while pulling in luggage or other heavy objects. This can create havoc as your back and neck are at stake. Keep your body at a comfortable angle and pull what you can handle. Do not take up too much load.
  • Cooking cleaning posture: While cooking cleaning or cutting vegetables take care not to over strain your back muscles. In fact do not strain any muscle in the body as this would lead to posture pains. Use appliances that would require minimum exertion and pull on the body.
  • Sleeping posture: This is where most people make mistakes. Sleeping in a bad posture can give you body ache. Your neck can get injured and so can the shoulders blades. This kind of posture problem could give rise to sciatica or spondylitis.

 It is vital that ones tales care of ones posture while doing these daily activities or it could cause serious problems.

 How to cure pain arising from posture problems:

  • Stretching exercise: Stretching the body is very effective as opens the muscles and relieves pain. You could stand at the door opening, with your arms rested on both sides and stretch, opening your chest and arms wide. This will also take care of pain in the shoulders and neck. Stretching acts faster than an analgesic.
  • Yoga asanas: Yoga de-stresses oneself from stress, which is the main cause for posture pains. Yoga opens the body and massages the vital organs. It relaxes both the mind and the body and enables one to have good posture and eradicate pain.
  • Massage therapy: Massaging the body can help relieve pain arising from bad posture. It massages and opens the pressure points, thus working to relieve pain immediately. It is better than taking a pill for the same.

 So don’t neglect your posture pains, cure it the natural way!

Christian Mc Karthy

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