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Shoppers must consider switching off their Smartphones in market

 Shoppers must consider switching off their Smartphones in market

Now why would someone want to switch off their Smartphone in a supermarket? Apparently some of the retailers are tracking the exact movements of shoppers with 90499125-021the help of a mobile-based technology. Companies are strongly claiming that the technology does not breach the privacy of a shopper as the information collected in their devices is anonymous. Henceforth, information cannot be traced to a particular person.
Consumer advocates are basically pointing a finger at these companies telling them that the system should be developed and enforced in such a way so that people at least have an idea that they are being tracked. The companies must provide options to people so that they can choose whether to be tracked or not.
US Federal Trade Commission recently organized a workshop specifically to discuss this issue as an integral part of a long series of privacy seminars oriented towards up-and-coming technologies as well as their impact on the consumer base.

Divya Singh

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