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Made in India Magazine | September 18, 2021

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Why This Holi Could Be A Great Opportunity to Grow Your Business

Why This Holi Could Be A Great Opportunity to Grow Your Business

| On 28, Feb 2020

There are an estimated 650,000 to 700,000 Indians living in Australia today, and that number is growing rapidly, jumping 30% in the two years following the last census in 2016. With an average age of 34, the Indian population is also the second-highest taxpaying diaspora, behind the British. So, relatively affluent, this is a younger community who collectively, represent an excellent opportunity for businesses targeting their needs.

The Holi Festival in Australia

If there is one day in the calendar that can help you leave behind bad memories and fill your future with optimism and colour, it is the Holi Festival. It’s known as the Festival of Colour for good reason- celebrated by Hindu communities the world over, including here in Australia.

In India, celebrations begin with the lighting of a bonfire at the full moon, while Hindu households decorate their homes with a whole spectrum of colours. There are several events that take place across Australia to celebrate the festival, where those in attendance use non-toxic colours that are thrown around with joy. However, the important part of Holi for the community so far away from home is not just the sheer joy and excitement of the events, but the connections made as Hindus come together to organise, enjoy and take part in this once a year event.

The community bonds made are important, and they continue to build and strengthen a community that is spread right across the country. There is other importance too. The Holi Festival is also a chance for Australians to see, experience and understand Hindu culture for themselves, in a setting that is joyous, fun, and where everyone is welcome together.

Holi Festival

Why this is great for your business

For any business targeting Indians with products or services, there is a fantastic opportunity that runs alongside the Holi Festival itself. As we mentioned, it is a time when the entire Indian community comes together for a celebration, and with several events all over the country, wherever your business is located, there is an opportunity to raise brand awareness and grow sales with the Holi festival. There are a number of strategies open to any business wanting to embrace the goodwill and excitement of Holi Festival, here are just a few.

Take a Stall at your nearest Holi Festival Event

If you want to put your business brand, product or service in front of as many of your target audience as possible, there are few options better than getting a stall at one of the events to celebrate Holi. There are several benefits to this approach; first, you can sell directly at the stall which helps you reach a new audience. Because many people travel to attend events for Holi, there is a good chance that many customers will be new to your brand, increasing awareness of your business at the same time.

Made in India Magazine

Because the Holi Festival is such a joyous celebration, having a stall in such a positive and inspiring environment is a great way for customers to be introduced to your business. Supporting such a wonderful experience will always be positive, and that will affect how people see your brand.

Run Holi Festival offers

Alongside attendance with a stall, you can also generate business through Holi Festival inspired offers or sales. We all know that a limited time discount or special offer is a great tool for generating increased sales, and you can leverage this by sending your customer base discount offers through email, or by broadcasting special offers to your audience across social media.

Offers that are valid through the Holi Festival provide a good incentive to buy, while also having a powerful call to action through the limited time they are available.

Reach out to a wider audience

To compliment these strategies, you can also reach out to the wider community through the Made in India Magazine. Reaching more Indians than any other Indian magazine in Australia, Made in India is available to read in high profile locations including coffee shops, schools and restaurants, ensuring great visibility. With audited readership numbers and four-month shelf life, an ad in Made in India Magazine has significant reach and long-lasting impact.

Made in India Magazine

As part of your Holi Festival marketing, Made in India Magazine can be used with a couple of strategies. First, an ad within the magazine promoting your stall, the location and any deals that will be available during the festival. A study by Econsultancy shows people who see a print ad are 70% more likely to remember the brand than just having a digital equivalent. Consequentially combining your digital efforts with a magazine ad will increase exposure and drive visitors to your stand or offers.

But that is not all, the team at Made in India Magazine are also skilled digital marketing professionals, providing affordable online marketing packages that include a variety of options, including Email marketing, lead generation packages and digital marketing solutions that help you take full advantage of the opportunities the digital space offers, all from just $145 a week.

By blending the digital skills of the Made in India team, the exposure of a quality ad within the magazine, and your presence during the Holi Festival, you can raise brand awareness, grow sales and engage with customers old and new in one marketing campaign.

Your route to business growth

With the Holi Festival taking place in March, time is running out, and you can’t afford to wait if you don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity. Having a stall or dedicated Holi Festival offers generates a sales boost during the festival, but the benefits don’t end there. A Made in India Magazine ad or any digital promotion carried out, last far beyond the event. With a four-month shelf life for the magazine and digital marketing drawing in new customers, longer-term growth is also sustained.

The ability to reach out to the Indian community in such a precise way is unique to the Holi Festival and combined with the professionalism and reach of the Made in India Magazine team, you can take a marketing approach that delivers growth and positivity for your business and brand.

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Why This Holi Could Be A Great Opportunity to Grow Your Business

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