I once read somewhere that we need to keep a tab on our responses. Strong responses made by us are more about ourselves than others. And this is especially true if you are a celebrity because in that case, the eyes and ears of the media are always on you, waiting in the background, that you’ll do something or say something newsworthy (the stupider, the better) so that they can sell their papers. In the last few years we’ve seen so many instances when a relatively harmless comment blurted out by a celebrity turned into a major controversy overnight, all thanks to media and more importantly – social media! Here we’ve compiled a list of 4 such comments – 

Salman Khan’s Rape Victim Comment – This is the newest of the lot. Salman ‘Bhai’ Khan was asked in an interview recently that how difficult it was for him to play a character of a ‘desi pehelwan’ while filming Sultan. In order to describe the level of hard work and dedication he’s put into the character, he said that he felt like a raped woman every time he used to step out of the ‘akhada’. Say Whaat?? Social media went crazy after this comment and there were posts condemning Salman’s choice of words absolutely everywhere, across every platform.

Irrfan Khan’s Qurbani Statement – The actor condemned the act of ‘qurbani’ during the celebrations of Eid-ul-Fitr by saying that a real qurbani is when you sacrifice something which is dear to you. Slaughtering a goat which you’ve bought for a few bucks from the market in the name of sacrifice doesn’t make any sense to him. Irrfan faced a lot of criticism from the Muslim community because of this statement. Several prominent Muslim clerics from across the country showed their displeasure over the statement.

Aamir Khan’s ‘Intolerant India’ Remark – Even if you aren’t that into Bollywood, you must’ve heard about this controversy. Aamir Khan’s interview, in which he expressed his concerns about India becoming an increasingly ‘intolerant nation’ laid the foundation of an ugly battlefield in which everyone participated – other Bollywood actors, directors, all prominent media houses and of course the politicians. Social media remained rife with news-stories (and trolls) about this topic for months after the episode.

Statements Made by Sonam Kapoor – Yes, not one but several of them! Sonam Kapoor is the quintessential queen of ‘bold/bizarre statements’ in the industry. First she made the statement that ugly looking actors are automatically considered more talented than their better looking counterparts. Then she gave multiple statements about Shobha De describing her to be a ‘fossil, who isn’t getting any action these days’ and ‘a 60-year-old porn writer’. And who can forget the time she labelled Aishwarya Rai an ‘aunty’ because she has worked opposite her father.

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