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Summer’s upon us. And we all know what Australia’s favourite summer hobby is, right? No, it’s not cricket. It’s swimming! It’s a great way to get in touch with the outdoors, with your inner child – because all children love water – and it’s a nice way to get fit and tight in the muscles. Not to mention it’s the easiest way to get a tan.
So if you have your swimming costume ready, here’s a list of places that you can head to around the country for a nice swim that will relax your soul.
Florence Falls
Located in the Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory, Florence Falls is a segmented waterfall that descends from an elevation of 64 meters via a series of segmented tiers that range in height between 9.8-15 meters. There are cool, clear waters for you to swim in, and take in the lovely foliage all around the park that adds to the spirituality of the place. Swimming here in this beautiful waterfall is an experience that you will never forget.
Manly beach to Shelly beach
Sydney’s popular beach, Manly beach, is bound by tall pines and hip cafes. There is a short swimming trail to the beach opposite, Shelly beach, which is secluded and offers a good afternoon off away from the hustle and bustle. Every morning, there is a free group of swimmers that go from this beach to that, and they call themselves The Bold and The Beautiful. If you want a further incentive to join them, you get a free pink cap when you sign up. What more can you ask for?
Blue Pools in Briagolong
This is the most popular campsite in Briagolong State Forest, with well established facilities. A short walk from the campsite is Blue Pool, which is an excellent swimming spot. Stay overnight at the camping ground for a full experience, and if you’re feeling up for it, go for a little swim after nightfall and gaze at the stars while floating on the water in the direction of Foam Creek.
Cylinder Beach, Queensland
Cylinder Beach is the most popular swimming beach on North Stradbroke Island. The 500 m long, north facing beach is located between the hotel headland and 30 m high Cylinder Head. It is backed by a continuous, shady foreshore reserve, including a picnic and camping area, and then the main Point Lookout Road and settlement. Two small creeks also drain across the beach. It’s family friendly, and it’s very popular with the locals. So not only will you have a nice time with your group, you may also make some new friends.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan

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