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Made in India Magazine | June 24, 2021

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Melbourne Tempts International Students

Melbourne Tempts International Students

| On 27, May 2014

In addition to offering world class education and a vibrant, multicultural social life, Melbourne has taken another step to woo the international student community by offering them deep discounts on public transport starting from 2015.

Loiuse Asher, who came to New Delhi to speak education-department-releases-student-aid-rules-for-foreign-institutions-10110201at the 2014 Indian Education Summit, said that Victoria’s biggest export is international education, which brings in $4.3 billion dollars annually. Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder said that the scheme will be trialled on a three-year basis starting from 2015, in partnership with education providers to all eligible international students.

An overseas student will be able to save $1105 per year under this scheme, said Ms Asher, pointing at the same time to the other initiatives that have been introduced in addition to this one in order to improve the experience of the international student in Melbourne. These include a International Student Welcome Desk at the Melbourne airport, which provides support right from the time a student lands in the city. There is also an international student care service, which gives vital support, advice and help round the clock.

The city is also making special efforts to assimilate international students into the culture and art scene of Melbourne by giving them ‘culture cards’, which provide special offers on the events that happen around the city every week. ‘This will make international students even more welcome when they come to study in Victoria and enhance our reputation as a world leading student city,’ said Ms Asher.

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