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How to motivate kids without bribery

 How to motivate kids without bribery

One does not need to necessarily bribe their kids in order to motivate them towards something. Let us say if your daughter hates vegetables. Now you do not need to make promises to her in order to make her eat it. But what you can do is eat with her and then go out on a walk together. At a tender age, kids usually have the tendency to imitate their parents which is why, you must make sure that you are not imposing any kind of influence on your kids and are coaxing them to do something.
Your frequent bribe habits might teach unhealthy habits to your kid which is why the best way is to stay away from it. Give the best form of teaching to your kids so that they can grow up to become responsible enough. This is the time when you need to orient your attention towards your young ones in order to raise them without bribery.

Amit Batra

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