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Proficient migrants best for country: Says Scott Morrison

 Proficient migrants best for country: Says Scott Morrison

Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison emphasized on the fact that art-353-scott-morrison-300x0the government needs to prioritize skilled migration. This is owing to the fact that over the past few years, family stream has been earmarked as a small but worthy component of the active migration program. This has been stated as per the results of a thorough parliamentary research conducted by the Government of Australia. As per a new analysis of the ongoing trends in the migration scheme for families, it has been ascertained that a certain part of the annual income of migrant workers has gone down to a great extent. During the period of 1987-88, the annual migrant intake was almost double of what it is right now which is why Morrison strongly feels that well skilled migrant workers will go a long way in helping the economy of the country.
Henceforth, the steady rate of growth in skilled migration has eclipsed to a great extent.

Priyam Chatterjee

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