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Showcasing Brisbane’s Rich And Diverse Culture

 Showcasing Brisbane’s Rich And Diverse Culture

On Sunday 17 September Brisbane’s Roma Street Parkland was abuzz with a celebration of cultures, featuring food, music, dance, storytelling, and craft from around the world.

The MOSAIC Festival Brisbane, sponsored by the Australian Government’s Smartraveller saw over 12,000 people attend.

Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs, Tim Watts, commented on the importance of these events.

“Australia is a thriving multicultural society, home to the oldest continuing civilisation on Earth and where more than half our population was born overseas or has a parent born overseas.”

The MOSAIC Festival Brisbane

“Our diversity connects us to every corner of the world, and events like MOSAIC are a great chance to celebrate it,” said Assistant Minister Watts.

“Anyone who felt inspired to travel after visiting MOSAIC should make Smartraveller their first destination. Smartraveller provides Australians with the information they need to prepare and plan their overseas trip and make informed choices.”

Smartraveller provides advice on passports, visas, and travel insurance through to detailed travel advice on over 175 destinations. It also offers essential resources in multiple languages.

“Even if you travel regularly, it’s important to stay-up-to date with the latest Smartraveller information and subscribe for updates”, said Assistant Minister Watts.

The MOSAIC Festival Brisbane

Smartraveller’s top tips before going overseas:

  • Respect the laws of the country you’re visiting, as they may differ from those in Australia.
  • Be mindful of the culture and places of significance in the regions you explore. This includes wearing appropriate clothing at places such as temples.
  • Use social media responsibly, as posting sensitive content or comments on political issues can have consequences in some countries.
  • Keep your bags and belongings close – don’t leave them on the ground or the back of a seat. This gives thieves a perfect opportunity to steal them.
  • If you’re hiring equipment, such as jet skis or a quad bike, check it before you use it and if something seems off, ask for a replacement.
  • Make sure you have the correct license for any equipment you hire.
  • If traveling alone, take extra precautions, such as using official transport and not disclosing that you’re travelling solo.
  • Don’t forget your travel insurance and make sure you read the fine print on your policy.
  • Leave a copy of your travel itinerary and insurance details with someone back in Australia.
  • If you don’t already have a passport allow six weeks to renew or apply.
The MOSAIC Festival Brisbane

For more information about Smartraveller and to access their travel advice please visit

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