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Top 6 tips to help you start a famous restaurant

 Top 6 tips to help you start a famous restaurant

Every now and then when you end up in a great restaurant with an amazing ambience and mouthwatering food, some of us start dreaming of buying one like that in future especially if you have ever been associated with the restaurant industry.
Keeping in mind your desires, we bring to you exclusive ideas by Tyson Cole, who co-owns the famous Japanese restaurants Uchi and Uchiko in Texas and has featured as 2005’s Best New Chefs of the Food& Wine magazine.
Starting his career in a restaurant and after being fired several times at job by his manager, Cole has managed to showcase his extensive and unusual background in the delicious and mouthwatering dishes he prepares for his restaurant and herewith presents you with few amazing tips to help you with your restaurant business.

  • Keep in mind the Big Three- you business can never start or flourish to great heights unless you know the Big Three rule. Amazing location, great chef and mind-blowing concept. The choice of your location should be such that it is in clear line with your concept and your chef’s talent must also be fit your concept.  Also, make sure that you keep in mind the accessibility of your restaurant. The more accessible it is to customers, the more profits you will garner.
  • Overestimate the capital needs- to avoid any financial mishap, plan your working capital in advance. Most times a restaurant takes quite a long time to grab hold of the place and get its share of regular customers. Your need for capital is critical as many restaurants take around 6 months or probably a year to catch up in a location. Also, don’t let your initial success drive you towards moon or go to your head as you may heavy losses later and won’t be able to cope up with them.
  • Learn to teach – helping and teaching your interns or old employs can be a fruitful task. There is no harm in helping them preparing the menu or guiding them with the preparations instead it will only do good to you and your restaurant. You can always come up with new ideas for a certain dish and prepare inspiring menu. Such gestures will help you mingle well with your staff.
  • Don’t think cheap for your guests- add money to help your restaurant find some high profile guests who can add value to your restaurant.  Spend well on culinary, table sets, lighting and ingredients so that the guests find value for their money. You surely don’t want your guest complaining about your restaurant.
  • Be organised- once you have started your own individual restaurant, it is important to stay organised all the time and avoid mistakes of any kind by staffs and waiters. If you start being organized, who knows you might even end up giving franchises.
  • Prepare yourself to evolve- once you won a restaurant, it is important o have a good communication network with all your employees. Hire people whom you find smarter than yourself so that they can give their share of inputs towards your restaurant.

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