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Sometimes, we don’t have the time or money or inclination to give our home the makeover it needs to become rich and lavish. But there are always little things we can do to create an illusion of luxury to our homes. In this article, we tell you four quick, inexpensive ways to bring lustre to your house.

Let’s face it. Appearances are everything. Remember those plush interiors that you see in home designer magazines? Do you not wish sometimes that your house looks a bit like that too? What if we told you that you do not have to spend a bomb to achieve a look in your house that closely resembles those luxurious interiors that you have seen in the latest luxury home magazines?

Well, when you can’t make it, you can still do all in your power to put up an illusion so convincing that it looks just as good as the original. Here’s how.

Do it with mirrors
Mirrors are the easiest way to create an illusion of space. Getting one long mirror will be expensive, so get a bunch of smaller mirrors that you will find without any trouble at the local discount store, and set them into frames that go well with your walls. Arrange them in a mosaic pattern of your choice, and voila! Your room looks like it’s larger, and if you choose your colours and patterns well, the effect is nothing short of magical.

Gold is gold
If you wish to get a mid-century modern design into your home, get gold colour, polish or paint over selected items in your house and mix them with brass, nickel hardware, gold coasters and copper vases. This will introduce a metallic look into your house, and will evoke a strong sense of history. Your rooms will go from bland to brilliant in a trice.

Velvet for a soft touch
Add a soft touch to your drapes with splashes of velvet. It’s rich and sumptuous and will add class and decadence to your room, whether you use it in your bedroom or the living room. Use dark colours to go with brightly coloured bed sheets in your bedrooms, whereas in the living rooms that catch more light, go with brighter shades of velvet. A simple velvet cushion is often enough to elevate a room from pedestrian to plush.

Add a hint or marble
Marble has always been the quintessential stone of wealth and grandeur. You don’t need to have your whole house constructed in marble for this effect to show; just a few well-chosen products such as cutlery and candles housed in marble will do the trick. Place your candles in your display case, and bring them out for special occasions and light them. Bask in the aroma-filled light and feel like royalty.

Brinda Rajkumar Shah

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