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Discontentment with our jobs is the number one complaint of twenty-first century life. We’re all looking for that one career that will complete us, that one job which will make us wake up on Monday mornings with a smile. We went hunting, therefore, for careers that are fun and cool. Here’s what we came up with:

1. Wine Taster

Imagine being the official alcohol expert, spending all your working hours tasting wine and other beverages, pointing out little flaws in each, and advising clients on the nuances of how to appreciate fine liquor. If your mouth is watering right now, we don’t blame you. Wine tasters have it all good in our eyes, and though some of them whom we interviewed tried to brush it away and say that you get used to it after a while, there was a certain twinkle in their eye. Like they were saying, ‘Yeah, we know this is the best job in the world.’ Lucky sods.

2. Chocolate Engineer

Hard to pick between these guys and the wine tasters. A chocolate engineer actually designs recipes for new chocolate flavours and types. The human love affair with the cocoa plant is so ancient and lasting that you could bet a chocolate engineer will never be hit by recessions. And how do you think they know whether the newest chocolate they designed is good or bad? They eat it, of course, and test their creations for texture and taste. But we think it’s just an excuse. Whoever has heard of bad-tasting chocolate?

3. Ice cream Taster

Each one tops the previous one, doesn’t it? What would you do if your day job consisted of eating spoonfuls of different flavours of ice cream right from the serving tray? From nine to one, you will taste vanilla and strawberry. After a short break for lunch (where you’re allowed to eat non-ice-creamy stuff), you come back and dig into butterscotch and chocolate. You get a break for tea, and then it’s right back in again. Yes, sounds like a real drag, doesn’t it? The only downside we see to this career is that you may die prematurely of ice cream poisoning. But then, is there a pleasanter way to leave this world?

4. Recreational Therapist
We all need recreation these days. We’re so starved of fun that we’re willing to pay people to tell us how to have it. Enter you, recreational therapist, to fill this lacuna in the market. You will work mainly with corporate companies, take charge of teams of over-worked and underpaid employees, go to a resort or a hotel with them and spend the day getting them to ‘recreate’. This may involve activities such as games, singing and dancing, team-building case studies, and general fun and frolic. And yes, you must get everyone to laugh a lot. That’s what recreation is about, isn’t it?

5. Pet Detective

If there is one thing that people will not mind spending money on, sometimes even to the detriment of their own health and happiness, it is their pets. Study after study has proven that human beings think of their pets more highly than they do – in some cases – of their own children. After all, pets don’t rebel or talk back. So imagine the stress it must cause them when one of them gets lost. They will spare no effort or expense to find them. So if you’re a pet detective (like Ace Ventura), you will take them on as clients and use your sleuthing talents to find the lost animals. Being an animal lover is an obvious plus in this business.

6. Live Mannequin

We’re reliably informed that being a live mannequin on garment store display windows pays as much as $100 per hour. The only catch is that you must stay absolutely still, which may become harder if you come across larrikins who insist on making faces at you. Absolute serenity, peace of mind, and the ability to visualize yourself elsewhere are traits that will hold you in good stead in this line of work. On the plus side, you just stand and pose to rake in the moolah.

7. Furniture Tester

Better than standing to make money is sitting and sleeping to make it. As a furniture tester, your brief is to sit on chairs, recline on recliners, and lay down on cots and mattresses. If they’re no good, you say so in your report. This is one job where you will be at your most active during your breaks.

Gaurav Malhotra

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