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Know The Omicron Restrictions In Your State

Amidst the approaching festivities when people were just about to rejoice with their near and dear ones either by travelling overseas or planning a party, the Omicron variant came as a rude shock. New South Wales and Victoria were two significant states that recently removed two-month-long lockdown. However, despite the high vaccination rate, there has...Read More

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Covid Aid in India: Is emergency relief reaching those in need?

India, the world’s second-most populous country, recently recorded a grim death number of 300,000. Emergency room pressures have abated somewhat from the surge in April, but services are still stretched. Countries began sending emergency medical supplies to help India cope in recent weeks, including ventilators, medicines, and oxygen equipment. By early May, over 300 tonnes...Read More

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What do Australians miss the most about life before lockdown?

According to the latest reports, the Victorians have revealed that they miss golf and tennis, shopping and going out for recreation. They miss their social life more than anything else. According to a survey, more than 60 per cent of Victorians want a green signal for playing golf. Same was the ratio for people who...Read More

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People are calling Sikh volunteers ‘angels’ because of their charity efforts

Time and again, Sikhs have proven their dedication to humanity by responding quickly to help people in need. This is especially true in the case of this year’s COVID-19 outbreak in Australia, where these volunteers have been working round the clock to feed families and aid students. These volunteers belong to The Australian Sikh Association....Read More

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Renowned holistic health specialist Dr Issac Mathai urges Australians to consider holistic treatments

Renowned holistic health and wellness consultant and Chairman and Managing and Medical Director of SOUKYA Dr Issac Mathai has called on Australian health, wellness and wellbeing experts to consider holistic treatments and methods during his recent trip to Australia. Addressing two high-profile boardroom luncheons in Sydney and Melbourne recently, Dr Mathai highlighted holistic solutions’ role...Read More