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Made in India Magazine is a Multicultural Lifestyle monthly that brings communities, cultures, and democracies together by the form of integrated print and online media. A glossy upmarket feature with the right mix of captivating multicultural content reaching the Indian and South-East Asian diaspora of Australia.


…new cultures, tastes, traditions and events


…to the larger Australia-wide Multicultural Indian community


…friends and family with everything Bollywood, Cricket, Spiritual, Glamour, Fashion, Food and Recipes

Members of a growing Indian, Pakistani, Nepalese, Sri-Lankan, Bangladesh and Fiji Indian communities thriving in Australia share common traditions, festivals, cuisines, lifestyle and values. Our Magazine celebrates this potpourri of multiculturalism among Australians hailing from different backgrounds of the Indian Subcontinent. A format that is eye-catching, engaging and easy to connect to – by all Australians! Our network of 1500 distribution outlets including Indian grocery stores, Restaurants, Dentists, GPs, Hairdressers and Community Centres ensure we reach 150,000 people each month.


Monthly Print and Online

Nov Dec 2022 Melbourne Edition


18546 Copies CAB Audited Melbourne

18546 Copies CAB Audited Sydney


328 Bulk
1551 Outlets
11484 Subscribers

Online Reach

80,000+ Facebook Audience
180,000+ EDM Subscribers


Sheba Nandkeolyar Multiconnexions

We’ve trusted Made in India as our advertising partners for our countless corporate clients since 2012. They infuse a much-needed freshness to the rapidly changing print and digital media spaces - Highly Recommended Professionals - Keep it up!

Sujoy Kishore Air India

We're proud to be using Made in India Media's expertise in delivering a complete suite of marketing solutions. They have been consistent in delivering a high quality of work and meeting our tight deadlines. Maintaining compliance across our stringent Head-office regulations has been a highlight. Always good to have someone with a CAN-DO attitude who always delivers. In our last 7 odd years of association, we are pleased to say that our expectations have been exceeded, time after time.

Amit Tuteja Desi Dhaba Restaurant

We know Sunny since the inception of Made in India in the early 2010s and are proud to have been one of their very first clients. For nearly a decade, they've been wholly responsible for our marketing and media buying. They have designed our website and introduced commission-free ordering platforms, saving us needless overheads. They've managed our online reputation across multiple channel's Last, but not the least, our amazingly popular social media channels generate thousands of organic views week after week. Fresh ideas and a fresh approach, that's what we love about having them on our team.

Manish Ajmera Heartland Motors

Thorough professionals who have worked alongside our national marketing team to deliver location-centric marketing support to our Blacktown Holden and Kia outlets. How they create ethnic designs to touch the sentiments of our multicultural client base is always a pleasant surprise. They've always come up with new ideas, especially around Indian Festivals to truly capitalise and connect with our Blacktown community.

Bipen Sharma Sharma's Kitchen

One word - Amazing! These youngsters have modernised our 30-year-old legacy to match with the current times. Providing solutions, and consultations to manage our entire branding and marketing to take us into 2020. Responsible for our Nationwide outreach, they’ve been the marketing pillar driving our business growth, helping us launch new products and ensuring our team is in control of customer feedback . Super Accessible and Swift action is what we love about them. Our digital delivery of marketing solutions with a fresh mindset definitely charged us.

Ajay Raj Madison Function Center / Maya da Dhaba

We’re proud to have engaged Made in India Media for our Print and Digital Marketing for both Surry Hills and Dural businesses since 2012. They are always two steps ahead when it comes to new ideas and their timely execution. My managers are in awe of the speed, accuracy and the quality of work. Be it running our Socials, Websites or Online Reputation, these guys continue to impress me! Have always recommended them to my circle of entrepreneurs in Sydney and would continue to do whole heartedly in the future.

Vikkas Dhingra Sahara Real Estate & Chargers Cricket Club

WOW – 20 years in the industry, and these guys are pure Fireworks when it comes to delivering solutions for the fast paced real estate environment. From same-day-turnaround on design services to 3-hour Printing and Delivery, I wonder how we managed without them. We’ve worked through enough people who promise the world, but fall short when it comes to the actual delivery. These guys are the exact opposite. With clear communication, realistic timeliness and promise of their word, I feel confident with their team of experts handling the A-to-Z of our marketing.

Kailash Talwar Shree Ganesha Foods

Sunny and his team achieved in less than 2 years what we couldn’t in the last 10. From negotiating a contract with Woolworths to have us in 30+ outlets, to creating launch strategy for multi-city expansion of our Dosa Batter and Yoghurt business, these guys literally took the Business Development pressure off of me and my small team. They did all our marketing creatives, designed and launched our Brand New Website and manage our Socials.For me, personally, it’s the fact that they are just 1-phone call or whatsapp away when I need them.


With a reach of 20,000+ Print and 80,000+ Online readers, don’t miss out the opportunity to showcase yourself to the Indian-Australian Market. With Made in India, you can reach your customers not just at Grocery Stores, but also at a network of 4500 locations including Restaurants, Dentists, GPs, Schools, Community Centres, Libraries and Exclusive Hotspots.

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