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And the word is out!

 And the word is out!

Windows 8 opens no such new ‘vistas’, literally!
Radical innovations in computing devices and supporting software that escalated from the year 2005, have surprised and delighted all the technology enthusiasts and even those who are not tech savvy for that matter. This boom has made laptops lighter and smarter with immense storage space and speed, and has transformed cellular phones into Smartphones, now featuring dedicated graphics and quad core processors — the must-have devices without which we would feel out of place. But sometimes, things get designed out of place or just for the heck of it.
Today the leading software, IT and mobile phone companies are engaged in an intense battle to outdo each other with smarter, snazzier and efficient products and applications. Staying away from the competition is not considered an option any longer. Who would know it better than the software giant Microsoft.After having been pushed to the corner by Apple and Google, Microsoft too felt the need to regain its slipping share in the market.  Eventually the company tried to reclaim its position by coming up with a stunning operating system — the Windows 8.
Billed as the unique OS, Windows 8 promised a smooth user experience (UX) for PCs, tablets and smartphones alike.Pinning high hopes on its new product, Microsoft had created a tremendous hype around its development.  Subsequently afterthe release of Windows 8 in late October 2012, all its hopes proved to be short-lived.
Trashed both by critics and users, Windows 8 is now feared to meet the same fate as one of Microsoft’s previous operating systems — Windows Vista, which has already been pushed into oblivion.  There are so many deplorable features.  To begin with, the normal users are exasperated to find the start-up button missing in Windows 8 OS.What are you supposed to do if you struggle to start your PC or laptop? If you decided to take some assistance from the ‘Help Manual’, you would be even more horrified to see that it offers you no help either!The entire OS is basically navigated through a series of hits and misses, which is very unbecoming of a modern-day software technology.Even after you do manage to get to the opening screen after a couple of attempts, then you are again bamboozled to find the tiles, which don’t say much. You have the option of touching or clicking on the tile, but the downside is that there is noprompt or button that tells you what would happen if you clicked/touchedthe tiles.  Not every user is as clever or curious to try out new things, especially if one has graduated from an arguably simpler OS like Windows 7 or Windows XP. Windows 8 is certainly a big put-off in this sense.
Normal PC or laptop users usually perform most of their tasks by going to the desktop. Be it creating, storing or deleting files. Even in Windows 8, one has to go to the desktop for all such functions. This makes the situation even more farcical as you wonder why Microsoft created a whole new operating system when the previous versions were just fine.
Agreed, comparisons can be odious. But one is forced to compare if there is an extreme shift in the user interface (UI) as in the case of Windows 8 from the previous OS versions. Microsoft will have to make some modifications to make Windows 8 more user-friendly and the sooner it implements the changes, the better it is for Microsoft and billions of its consumers worldwide.

Christian Mc Karthy

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