Boss Hug-o David Jones, bids adieu to Myer

 Boss Hug-o David Jones, bids adieu to Myer

Barney Stinson would have been in depression and in a serious dilemma if he was a trusted customer at Myer and a fan of Hugo Boss suits. Hugo Boss has announced to part ways with Myer and solely merchandise its high powered Men Suits with David Jones department stores around the country from February 2014.
With this amalgamation, DJ’s is looking to monopolize the top suit brands under its roof and capture the corporate suit market segment in Australia. The store boosts to also secure the famous American brand Brooks Brothers, a label that had proud memories of suiting 39 former US presidents.
“We are concentrating more on the corporate suiting market and collaborating with a brand like Hugo Boss was of utmost priority” said Paul Zahra, chief executive officer of David Jones.
Well we have to wait and see if people care more about the brand or the shop which carries them.
On the other hand, Myer’s chief executive, Barney Brookes doesn’t feel that losing Hugo Boss would severely impact their annual sales. He said that the sales accounted for 0.1 percent yearly though it is a good, but expensive brand. It is not the end of the world for Myer nor for its trusted customers as they still have a huge collection of brands in different price range.
Power suits have become a part of a successful lifestyle and good brands are always an important choice factor. So we will have to wait and see if this move helps Hugo Boss to confirm its authority in the Australian market.

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