Business Leaders come together to discuss Holden Closure

 Business Leaders come together to discuss Holden Closure

Ever since Holden openly announced that it will be withdrawing its manufacturing process in 2017, business leaders have been vying to come up with strategies which could assist South Australia in moving forward. A recent conclave of business leaders took place in Adelaide where strategies were discussed openly in order to ascertain a future for the South Australian province after the manufacturing process of Holden terminates in 2017. Business leaders from construction, health, minerals, advanced manufacturing as well as food industry were present at the meeting and Premier Jay Weatherill emphasized on the need to escalate and quicken the transformation process of the economy of South Australia following the Holden Closure announcement. Furthermore, Weatherill threw light on the fact that the government was forthcoming with their interests and was looking forward to accelerating the process of approvals of infrastructure projects in the province.

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Priyam Chatterjee

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