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Ditch Kmart Pie Maker, Make Your Delicious Cake Now with Aldi Samosa Maker

 Ditch Kmart Pie Maker, Make Your Delicious Cake Now with Aldi Samosa Maker

The new Aldi Samosa Maker now makes it possible for people to make their cake within just six minutes.

Aldi Samosa Maker is the new gadget that Australian citizens are craving for, thanks to the clever home chef who discovered the different use for the appliance. Aldi Samosa Maker, an appliance that cost just $29, was on sale last week as part of Aldi’s Special Buys. People were so quick to purchase the appliance. A shopper said that Aldi Samosa Maker was the best new appliance of 2019.

A creative home chef recently came up with a new way of using the Aldi Samosa Maker, and we couldn’t help but share. While most people are busy using the appliance for baking up batches of samosas, clever chef Holly used the appliance together with Aldi packet cake mix to make delicious mini cakes within just six minutes.

Chef Holly began her new idea by mixing up batches of Aldi cake mix. She later baked the cakes in the Aldi Samosa Maker for about six minutes. She dipped her cakes in butter and speckled them with Cinnamon and sugar. All these made up Holly’s delicious and good-looking cakes.

Holly shared her creative idea on the Tips and Ideas Australia Facebook group – Kmart Pie Maker Recipes. On the group, Holly explained how she process cake, she wrote: “I made 24 triangular vanilla cakes within six minutes. I made the cake mix as per box recipe. I poured batter over the cake evenly, and 24 perfectly-made triangle delights were made. So Yummy (especially straight out of Aldi Samosa Maker). I spiced them up by dipping each cake in melted butter and then sugar and Cinnamon mix.”

Holly’s post in the Facebook group got several comments and tick of approval from other members of the Facebook group. One of the members said: “Gggrrr, I’m so jealous!!! Been to sooo many Aldi stores! Couldn’t get one of these Mothers anywhere!!!” Another member added: “Brilliant!! I have a new Aldi Samosa Maker still in its pack with the receipt! You’ve just convinced me that the appliance is a cool machine. Yet, another said: “Oh, wow, this is one to try!!” The six minutes it took the delicious cakes to be done was actually what sent the group members into a frenzy.

If you agree with this new creation, why don’t you try and get your Aldi Samosa maker.

Rakhi Malhotra

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