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Ditch Your Phone and Listen to Music on an Android Wear Instead

 Ditch Your Phone and Listen to Music on an Android Wear Instead

Google recently released its latest update for Android Wear that allows users to listen to music on their smart-watches. You do not need your smart phone in order to access this feature. This update is very useful for the users who travel a lot or like listening to music while jogging or exercising. Now they won’t need to carry their mobile phones with them, all the time.
In order to get this upgrade, you first need to get your software in order. Check if you are running the latest version of Android Wear app on your phone as well as on your watch. Now update the Play Music app by going to the Settings and then clicking Download to Android Wear. Once you do that, all the music stored on your smart-phone gets automatically downloaded to your smart-watch.
Your watch gets a notification once the download begins. If it’s not connecting, check how much battery is left, since music won’t get transferred if the battery level is low. If you are wondering whether it’s possible to download music directly to your Android Wear, without a smart-phone, the answer is no! The software has been designed to keep all the music on your phone synced with your watch. You can’t download music separately.
Typically, the watch comes with 4GB storage capacity and if that’s not enough, you will have to unsync some of the tracks from your phone. Get Bluetooth headphones with your device and you’ll be able to listen to music in the most convenient manner possible.

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