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A Blind Eye to Injustice: The World’s Apathetic Response to the Taliban’s Misogynistic Oppression of Afghan Women

As we scroll through our newsfeeds, pausing momentarily to absorb headlines about global climatechange, political upheavals, and the latest technological marvels, there exists a shadow that hoversmenacingly over Afghanistan—a shadow cast by the resurgent Taliban and their draconian views on women. It’s a bitter pill to swallow: in a world that prides itself on advances...Read More

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Six Students from India Receive Scholarships Worth 660K to Study at Deakin University

Six Indian students have received Deakin University’s Vice-Chancellor’s Meritorious Scholarship 2021. With this latest development, Tanmay Arora, one of the students, will soon travel to Australia to further his education and eventually fulfil his dream of studying abroad. The scholarships are estimated at AUD 674,490 and were awarded for studies at one of the campuses...Read More

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Australia Records Highest Number of Visitors in A Year, Thanks To Indians

Recent tourist data revealed that the arrival of Indian tourists to Australia have increased by 11 percent. Amidst sluggish economic situations, the county has witnessed the most significant number of short-term tourist within a year, thanks to the short-term Indian visitors who helped to sharply increase the growth by over 11 percent. The tourist report...Read More

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India’s Assessment Level Downgraded by Australia – Bad News for Indian students

It has been confirmed that Indian students’ assessment level for higher education has been downgraded by the Australian visa department from Visa Assessment Level 2 to Visa Assessment Level 3. This downgrade means that India has now been included in the high-risk category for visas, which is a piece of bad news for Indian students...Read More