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Electronic Devices will be allowed to use on flights soon

 Electronic Devices will be allowed to use on flights soon

“Please switch of all your electronic devices, Sir please you need to switch off your phone, the flight is about to take off.” Sounds familiar? It had been a nightmare for the stewards and the hostesses to check each and every passenger who want to sneak in a last minute call or update their Facebook status – Going on a Vacation Wooohooo! At Sydney airport.’ Well not anymore.
The FAA announced that airplane travelers can now use their electronics device like smart phones (in airplane mode), pads, laptops and e-readers at any point of time during their flight. You can read already downloaded books, play games, watch movies, listen to music or even work on business presentations during your long journey.
Decided on the basis of extensive research and expert opinions from airline representatives, aviation manufacturers, pilots, flight attendants, passengers and the mobile technology companies, the implementation of the new policy will depend from carrier to carrier.
Usage of electronics device was banned before because the radio signals from the device could interfere with the aircraft’s communication and navigational system, but FAA concluded that most commercial aircraft can tolerate radio interference now a days. The carriers switching to the new policy will have to prove to the FAA that their aircrafts can handle the interference.
You still can’t make phone calls or use the internet (unless it is provided by the aircraft above 10000 ft) during the flight, but you can still have plenty of entertainment to pass the time. Now filling up your devices with movies, games and e-books would soon be on the travel check list.

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