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Fashion, Women and Football

 Fashion, Women and Football

With an intention to express the passion for football through fashion, the number of female football enthusiasts has escalated over the course of the past few decades and women are expressing their love for football through their attire. As the demand for football fashion has augmented lately, the fashion industry has recently launched a variety of football fashion designs for women from a number of brands as well as famous fashion designers such as Mary Jo Miller, the director of Fashion Academy, The Art Institute of Atlanta. With an escalation in the range of football fashion industry, nowadays no woman has to borrow a jersey from a man as there is an abundant availability in fashion merchandising starting straight from handbags, dresses, team jerseysto jeans and even undergarments.

The announcement of Victoria’s Secret fashion design brought a new sense of football fashion to the generation and what made this fashion better was Milano’s sports-themed active wear which typically concentrates on soft fabrics and consideration to the shape.The NFL, on the other side will soon be launching women’s football apparels with all the logos and colors, considering it to be the benchmark in football fashion industry for women. Women’s fashion would not have been as great and cumulative than ever as it generated over 15% of 3.4 billion of total merchandise sale in recent years. In the present day and age, women make up 40 to 45% of football viewership whereas at the same time, 15% of participants of fantasy football league around the world are women.

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