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How to get back on track after disappointing yourself

 How to get back on track after disappointing yourself

As they say, not every day is Sunday. There might be times in your life when you will be pushed down to the rock-bottom. As they say, the path to success starts with failure as that will give you the push that you need to work harder towards your goals. We all have a tendency to downsize ourselves at times, knowing that we are not exactly good as our compatriots. To be honest, in order to taste success, one needs to fall down into abyss in order to realize how dark is it and then, even a single source of life can bring happiness and determination.
One of the best ways to get back on track after disappointing yourself is to realize the fact that there are people who are not as fortunate as you are. Whether it is a break-up that you are going through, or the demise of a person or poor performance in a project, you must say to yourself that this might be the toughest time that you are facing. As the saying goes, “We are stuck in mud, staring up at the skies”. Hope is certainly your strongest asset, but it can turn out to be your strongest deterrent as well. That will happen only when you will start over-expecting from yourself and in the process, might just fall down even harder. Those who have tasted success will always tell you to make your life as tough as possible. Because a tough life makes you tougher and in a way, more susceptible to pain that you might be bound to experience at some point of time in future.
No such thing as an ideal life
There is no one who has a perfect life. Even a person driving off in a Ferrari might come back to his empty home, maybe because of a tragedy that made him lose his family forever. At the same time, a lower middle-class family man has enough food to feed his wife and children. He is satisfied with his life as he has a family to care for and come home to, but even then, there is a part of him that is disappointed at all times because he could not pursue the dreams that he had excitedly planned for himself. Each and every person on this planet has something to be disappointed for. But that is what the cycle of life is. If today did not work out well for you, then maybe tomorrow has something better for you.
Many people tend to indulge in something new in order to distract themselves from thinking too much about something that is troubling them. This is a very good way of tackling depression as it engages your brain towards something new and diverts your attention. Let us say, a person who just separated from his wife decides to learn a new musical instrument in order to neutralize the pain. Towards the beginning, he is not able to play the instrument, but gradually he improvises his technique. At this point of time, he feels a jolt of excitement that is good enough to make him forget his past, at least for some time. Such activities tend to help people cope with their disappointments in a very positive way and assists them in embracing optimism. Everything happens for a reason and the one thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that the final product is always good. If today, you are suffering then tomorrow might have something big in store for you which could possibly change your life forever.
Never let life beat you down
For those who have watched award-winning blockbuster “Rocky” starring Sylvester Stallone, determination is the key to success. The movie clearly shows how life can beat you down again and again till you fall to the ground, but it does not matter how hard you fall, but what matters is how many punches you can take and still stand up. Thomas Alva Edison tried 10,000 times, but failed miserably. But he never backed off, and eventually became the inventor of Electric Bulb that revolutionized the concept of electricity. All those scientists who have invented something, failed miserably in the beginning. But the one thing that drove them crazy is the fact that they had failed and could not live up to their own expectations.
Every time you fail, there is something new you learn from it. The one thing that drives people into depression is the lack of patience. Most people expect too much from themselves and become impatient if things go haywire. And this impatient behaviour makes them even more vulnerable to nervous breakdowns, which in turn, drives them towards anti-depressants. Popping pills might bring temporary relief, but they do more harm than good. Once you start taking those pills, you will feel the urge to pop one every time you feel low.
There is always light at the end of a tunnel
Some people just fail to realize that life cannot simply be easy if they wish to achieve something. Let us say, you are preparing for an entrance exam and the pressure on you is tremendous owing to the fact that you do not come from a well-to-do family. In such a case, your morale needs to be high every time you position yourself in front of your books. It is a possibility that others might be more intelligent than you, but realize one thing. Toppers don’t do different things. They just do things differently. If you bring some system into your life, then nothing can stop you from achieving what you are aspiring.
No matter how tough a situation you are in, always remember that there are hundreds and thousands of people all around the world who are in a worse state than you. In such moments, you will feel blessed to have what you have and avoid lamenting over the things that you do not have.

Amit Batra

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