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The month of August will be a hard time for most of the zodiacs, but the last month of summer will prove to be successful as well as tough for the others. One must see the signs as a warning and make sure all the difficulties and trials that come our way are met with hope and honour.



The Aries must prepare for all the unexpected external circumstances that might pop up this month. Aries will receive some sort of bonus positive energy from the moon which they can use for whatever they desire the most. All in all the month will prove to be challenging, but one must make the right decisions so that one doesn’t regret them later. Love affairs will prove to be dicey and it is all up to the Aries to accept reality and stop hurting their loved ones intentionally, no matter how selfish the reason, as karma will always come back to bite you.


This star sign will be able to take care and resolve all its issues on its own. No external help will be required, and the month of august will turn out to be rather fruitful for all you Taurians. It will bring to you what your life’s been missing for a long, long time now; luck and good fortune. You will be given several new adventurous as well as high income availing job offers, which you must take without a second thought. Such chances come once in a while, and they will prove to be long lasting and rather fulfilling to you and your future. Maintain good relations with family, and don’t let anger and ego cloud your judgement.


Gemini will receive a combined portion of negative as well as positive aura this month. It is up to them to utilize the opportunities that come to them, in the most efficient manner. Do not get dis-heartened with the recent down sides life has to show, it will end and soon you’ll be over flowing with gratitude and happiness. One has to keep hope and focus towards their goals and not let the world affect us. Do not only rely on the circumstances and make sure your work comes before everything else, as only this will prove worth the effort in the long run. Your loved ones might take you for granted during this time, but do not forget that no matter what they still are your friends and family.


For the people belonging to this star sign, this month will be rather ambiguous but not as negative as it will prove for the other star signs. You will have strong celestial allies that will help you block all the negativity all through the month. The “love front” will be quite dicey and dangerous but will not prove to be unhealthy in the long run. Pay special attention to your loved ones and do not by any chance take them for granted or relax or you risk losing the family wellbeing. Also keep in mind that everyone around you are all humans too, we are all prone to making mistakes, but it is up to us to fix these mistakes too.


The month of August will neither harm you, nor give you gains. It will all be balanced, fate will not spoil you with successes or lucky circumstances, but it will not sit idly either. Do not make an attempt to procrastinate about what has already happened, as no one needs to hear it, not even you. You need to make an attempt to hold it all together and work towards a brighter, much happier future, as while you’ve been wallowing in self-pity, your fate has been working behind your back to get things right on track. The next few months hold some exciting new offers which will change your life.


Virgos have the chance to really make a difference in their lives this August. It isn’t a time for you to sit back relax and watch life work its wonders, but act in a radical manner to change what you don’t like before it is too late. Several disputes will try and antagonize your personal relationships, but you need to be patient and deal with them as they come along. There’s no point trying to handle everything at once.



Success will come to you in small scales in all arenas of life, but don’t let it get to your head as these moments are short lived and one needs to keep working towards their main goal to achieve some sustainable development in life. Relationships will tend to be rocky, but everything will settle down by the end of the month.



August will bring to you several challenges throughout, but you being the strong willed person you are, will not let them get to you. The entire month will be probing every sun sign with its negativity due to the presence of the black moon, but this phase too shall pass. Entrepreneurs should start businesses with proper planning and a working agenda.



All the work that has been left pending by you for a long time now, this is the time, you should get on to it and finish it off. This is a good thing as now you won’t be seen much by the outside world. You should be prepared for more things and properties to break or get lost during this month, and express yourself to your family.



Learn to choose your partners, your social groups and your mentors wisely. There is no point fretting over which group you actually belong to as by the end of the day, you will need to prove yourself to the world, individually, not as a group. This month will bring about internal changes in mood and emotion in you, do not dwell over the past, and write down your feelings if it helps.


Starting from August, you will have to take more and more responsibility for yourself and your actions. The pains and grave experiences you have been through will help you understand yourself better and empower your weaknesses altogether. Always keep in mind, as if not for these experiences, you would not have been the same sensitive person you have evolved into. Expectations of something new to begin can be kept by the end of this month.


You need to stop questioning life so much and live one day at a time. You have been through a lot of emotional stress in the past few months, but the month of August will bring good fortune and health to your family. The long awaited change will finally enter your life and leave it completely mesmerized. Everything that has occurred is a message and learning for you to heed to until next time.

Priyam Chatterjee

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