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HUMAN SKIN- The Astounding Salvager

 HUMAN SKIN- The Astounding Salvager

The Homo sapiens defend themselves from numerous bacterial attacks every second, ever wondered which is the “largest” armament of human body which dominates all these attacks?
It’s the Skin-human Shield, Thinnest yet tenacious. Skin is our largest organ—adults carry some 3.6 kgs & 2 sq meters. of it. What’s more, it makes up about 16% of our body weight. This fleshy covering does a lot more than making us look presentable. In fact, without it, we’d literally evaporate. The skin prevents excessive water loss from the aqueous interior. Adding to joy  ,Our Skin Rejuvenates Itself , Every minute human skin sheds over 30,000 dead cells and every month, the entire outer surface of your skin is replaced – a ‘new you’ every 28 days! That’s almost 1, 000 new skins in a lifetime! but its comes with a cost as Our Skin Is Responsible for a Lot of Dust, In a lifetime the average person sheds enough skin cells to fill an entire two story house.
Skin has smaller units – Cells, There are an amazingly 19 million skin cells on every square inch of our body!
Acting as an envelope thus being a messenger, there are 45 miles of nerves in our skin & electric impulses travel at a speed of almost 250 mph through those nerves. The Melanin-protein is the root cause of colour difference across the globe ranging from black to white. On a whole this thin cover is full of amazing facts and responsibilities it holds from prevention to presentations.

Pawan Mishra

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