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Experiencing reading on an iPad is nothing short of bliss. Retina display, real-life like screen and alluring interface, reading is more of a relaxation when it comes to the iPad experience than an effort. So without much ado, here are two simple and quick way to subscribe to magazines, newspapers and everything else on your iPad.

    1. One way is to use the Newsstand app on your iPad.iPad-4-Reading

-Tap the Newsstand app on your homescreen.
-An amazing virtual bookshelf will open up in front of you with various reading options across different genres like travelling, cooking as well as country specific like Indian magazines, Australian magazines et al.
-To subscribe to any of these (choose wisely from monthly and yearly subscriptions to save those extra bucks!), just hit the Newsstand button.
–  Wait for the download of your favourite magazine and once it is done, happy reading!

  1. Then there is the ever so potent app store. In case you do not have newsstand downloaded on your iPad, just got the app store and download it. Yes, you end up at the same place but there is a reason for that. Newsstand equals nirvana for bibliophiles and otherwise period!

Another thing about Newsstand and iPad is; Newsstand is enabled to automatically download any new issues, of pre-existing magazine and newspapers on your iPad, as soon as they are available. And if you are an “ifan” and own the whole “ifamily”, all you need to do is just enable automatic downloads and sync your subscriptions across all your apple devices to increase your reading productivity.

Ankit Gupta

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