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Holi Festival Sydney 2024 – A Mosaic of Colours and Cultures – Tickets Out Now!

Sydney, Australia’s vibrant metropolis, is set to embrace the spirit of Holi, the iconic Festival of Colours, on the 9th and 10th of March 2024. This event, celebrated globally, is not just about the play of colours but is a canvas reflecting unity, joy, and cultural diversity. Sydney’s rendition of this ancient festival is a...Read More

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The Exercise Paradox: Can Physical Activity Harm Your Heart? Medical Experts Weigh In

Exercise is universally touted as one of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle, essential for cardiovascular well-being, weight management, and mental health. However, recent high-profile deaths due to heart attacks have raised questions about the potential risks of vigorous exercise on heart health. Could what’s generally considered a protective measure against heart disease actually be...Read More

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Harmonious Blend: Embracing Indian Spirituality and Mindfulness for Enhanced Well-being

In Australia, as the pace of life quickens and the desire for holistic well-being grows, more and more people are turning to ancient practices from the East. Indian spirituality and mindfulness techniques, with their focus on holistic health, inner peace, and self-awareness, have found a strong foothold. They are resonating with individuals across the country,...Read More

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The Man Who Inspired India’s Lunar Aspirations

The Visionary Behind India’s Space Aspirations In a newly-independent India hungry for progress, one scientist’s vision went beyond the earthly constraints of science and technology. Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, often dubbed the father of the Indian space programme, was the man who first got India dreaming of the moon and stars. His belief that space science...Read More

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Telstra Launches New Telstra Mobile Plans To Connect Families Near And Far

Telstra has today unveiled its new Go Mobile Plus and Pre-Paid Extra mobile plans, which offer generous data inclusions and unlimited standard international calls from Australia to more destinations than ever before. As the holiday season approaches, Telstra’s new mobile plans will make it easy for customers to keep in touch with family and friends...Read More

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The government has unveiled plans for higher education reforms aimed at delivering “a more sustainable sector, more choices for students and increase transparency and accountability in higher education” as per a statement on the Department of Education and Training website. Though not as far-reaching the Abbot government’s deregulation bloodbath of 2014, the measured spending cuts...Read More

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Immigration can be a terribly stressful experience. Not only do you get the feeling that you’re packing up your life in one country and moving to another (which is, after all, what you’re doing), the most difficult part is in the mind: will we assimilate? Will our kids have a safe and prosperous future? Will...Read More