‘Obesity in children is getting out of hand in most affluent nations. If you’re a concerned parent, here is a quick list of things to do to ensure that your child grows up healthy, fit and raring to go.’
In the United States, it is estimated that one out of every five children is overweight or obese. And worryingly, the numbers are growing. The problem of childhood obesity is common in affluent nations, and it has many adverse effects such as high risk of diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases, and also an increased risk of depression and low self-esteem.
Unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity, and a sedentary lifestyle are the main reasons for childhood obesity. Here’s how you can take steps to prevent your child from getting obese. The earlier you start, the better!
1. Encourage healthy eating habits. Provide them with fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products. Give them water instead of sugar-loaded soft drinks. Low-fat dairy products and lean meat should also be part of their diet. Cut out chocolates and sweets.
2. Never let your child skip breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day, and a healthy breakfast has often been linked to a lower body mass index.
3. Give your child small, frequent meals instead of three large meals. Six meals a day is considered to be quite healthy. This way you can keep them from getting those hunger pangs that may tempt them to reach for high caloric junk food.
4. And lastly, encourage your child to be physically active every day. Research suggests that teens and children should engage in at least 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per day. Get them enrolled in sports or martial arts. Swimming is a great option.

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