Reach Indians and South East Asians living in Australia
Life Global Australia - Brisbane Launch

Life Global Australia - Brisbane Launch

Join us for a delicious meal at the wonderful Bollywood Bar! Whilst enjoying a lovely evening together making new friends and having fun with old friends, we get a chance to make a meaningful change in someone’s life.

Tonight, we are raising funds for one of our 3 projects, to empower women who live in poverty in rural India by giving them an opportunity to be trained in a skill and set up their own business. Each sponsorship gives a woman holistic training which includes opening a bank account, managing finances, self-defence classes and market linkage. Included in the sponsorship is equipment to start a business and support for a year. The women are supported for 3 years to understand how they progress.

Donors receive reports with updates on how the women are doing.

With today’s event we are launching Life Global Australia in Brisbane. You will get a chance to hear a little about who we are and what we hope to achieve.

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